About Us

Karmarts Public Company Limited (KARMART) operates core businesses in the fields of import, manufacturing and distribution of cosmetics and consumer products on an international scale under the concept of “Unique Beauty Solution”. The determination to become the brand that can respond to all beauty needs of women motivates the company to invent new product innovations that have distinct uniqueness and are ideally suited to all the requirements of the modern woman.

Our house brands Cathy Doll and Baby Bright are conceptualized and developed through multinational product development teams across Thailand and abroad, effectively tapping on the teams’ thorough understanding of global trends and consumer behavior. This facilitates consistent creation of new innovative products which meet the imminent needs of target markets across Asia. The brands pride themselves in delivering aesthetic appeal and unique beauty solutions to customers, thereby allowing consumers to enjoy shopping for each and every category of beauty products to satisfy their individual needs.

The company is also the sole distributor for international brand Boya in Thailand.

The company maintains an extensive distribution network nationwide encompassing both wholesale and retail sales such as local cosmetic stores, supermarkets and pharmacies. Sales are also routed through modern trade channels and strategic collaborations have been established with various channels. Additionally, KARMART operates the largest cosmetic franchise system in Thailand and retails an extensive range of beauty products marketed under various house brands, all of which are managed centrally to exhibit consistent brand image.

Business worldwide

Outstanding performance from within the Thai domestic market motivated KARMART to expand operations abroad. Our product footprints are now represented in countries such as The People’s Republic of China, Singapore, Cambodia, Myanmar, Vietnam, Malaysia, Laos, the Philippines and Indonesia to date. The ultimate goal of the company is to strive to be a leading purveyor of branded beauty products provider in Asia.