Shocking Black Liner 0.5g Cathy Doll

  • Rich, Black Formula
  • Water-proof Formula That Lasts All Day Long
  • Easy-To-Use With Tank Pencil With Ball Tip
  • Ultra Thin 0.5mm Marker Tip Contours Eyes Easily
  • Easy Removal

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Experience the easiest way to make your eyes stand out!
Cathy Doll 
introduces the Shocking Black Liner with super black formula and tank pencil with ball tip.

Thanks to the latter, the ink gradually flows out of the pen for a perfect result.
The ultra-thin 0.5 mm marker tip contours 
your eyes without scratching, tugging or skipping.

The rich, luminous effect lasts all day long and guarantees a dramatic, intense color.
It is also easy to remove it using cleansing products, although the liner comes with a waterproof formula.


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